Nämä Designs as founded in  2012 by  Ruth Landesa, illustrator  living in a beautiful small city in Finland.

Nämä started as a webstore offering a personal selection of designs and crafts collected mainly from Finnish craftsmen, makers, designers.. Ruth focused from the beginning in those products she knew the people and their stories behind..mixing modern, visual, traditional, new, recycled, high tech and crafted and also in those related somehow to the Finnish natural & slow lifestyle.

In March 2013 Ruth, launches her first collection of home decoration products for nämä, all products designed & made in Finland, all made in small series & by small companies.

You can browse NÄMÄ DESINGS CATALOG of products designed by Ruth here .If you are interested in RETAIL information and conditions pls send an e-mail to: ruth@nama.fi.

All images of Nämä shop are copy righted but please feel free to use them in your blog or on-line magazine when talking about Nämä shop or Nämä Designs and just add credits (Ruth Landesa / Nämä ) and link back to NÄMÄ DESIGNS SHOP. Thanks!!! .. For any other use, high resolution pictures or if you have questions, please get in touch!

e-mail: shop@nama.fi

Ruth Landesa