Book Home Away From Home


A book that travel through life objects. From Los Angeles to Melbourne, Caroline Gomez ‘s objects traveling.
All over the world, several people agreed to take pictures of her objects at home, illustrating these objects’ different lives in their new homes.
Format: 13 x 19 cm
80 pages | color
Languages: français/anglais
ISBN 979-10-93464-09-1

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This book was possible thanks to the participation of:

Ruth Landesa, Nicole Franzen, Mariela Ramos, Frieda Mellema, Stephanie Ingram, Hiroko Suzuki, Christophe Derivière, Hermine Van Dijck, Annabel Gueret, Lullatone, Kirsty Davey, Alessandra Taccia,Jessica Comingore, Kathrin Koschitzki and Lauren Musacchio.